The best of outdoor Italy

Dive into the wild beauty of nature: mighty trees, joyful waterfalls and winding paths; breath-taking panoramas and mountain ridges. 

Archeological sites & medieval villages

Magnificent locations where myths and legends come from. Fairy-tale Italian villages and their traditions. City walking tours far from beaten paths.

Seasonal outdoor activity & events

Night hiking, meteor shower and fireflies observing, snowshoeing, open air painting and urban sketching.

Guided hikes near Rome - discover outdoor Italy

Hiking offers an experience that goes beyond mere strolls through nature. Our hiking excursions provide an opportunity to delve into the splendor of Italian landscapes and immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of Italian borgos. Indulge in local cuisine and uncover intriguing historical anecdotes from the past of these charming medieval towns.

By traversing the encompassing hills and forests, you will absorb the essence of the actual locations where myths and legends have been woven over millennia. This is the very land where traditions, customs, craftsmanship, winemaking, and agriculture have flourished.

The Apennine Peninsula stands as an exceptional destination, boasting a remarkable diversity of natural and cultural panoramas concentrated within a compact expanse. In the central portion of the Peninsula alone, you'll encounter more than a dozen natural and archaeological parks and reserves, with some even nestled within the confines of Rome itself.