Hiking with Anna

Bontrek is founded by Anna Shuval Sergeeva, a professional hiking guide based in Rome, Italy. She is a member of AIGAE (Italian Association of hiking guides).

Anna has enjoyed hiking since her childhood. She was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 2012 her passion for traveling led her to Italy, where she graduated from the Roman Academy of Fine Arts. At the same time hiking has been Anna’s main passion, which eventually became her ultimate profession. Subsequently, she completed her professional courses for hiking guides at AIGAE Association and began to organize hiking events.

We share ideas of slow and conscious tourism that can be defined as an alternative model to mass industrial tourism that is based on principles of social and economic justice, which simultaneously offers spiritually fulfilling experiences to travellers, without affecting the environment and local cultures.

Anna speaks English and Russian. You can contact her via email info@bontrek.it

You can also find all contact information HERE